Modern Analytics, the Paper

Modern Analytics Ecosystem: the Evolving Information Supply Chain

White Paper by the Eckerson Group

This report describes how the traditional world of data warehousing and business intelligence has been flipped upside down. Instead of serial data pipelines of relational data that is managed, modeled, and batch loaded exclusively by IT, the modern analytics ecosystem supports multiple, continuous, real-time data flows designed by data engineers and data analysts close to the business. The result is an agile, adaptive, self-service environment that fuels data-driven organizations.

In this in-depth report, you will learn:

  • The tech trends that have shaped the modern analytics ecosystem
  • The trouble with traditional BI architecture
  • The new analytics architecture and the benefits it offers
  • The characteristics of organizations that sucessfully harness modern analytics

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About the Authors


Dave Wells

Practice Director, Data Management at Eckerson Group

Dave Wells is an advisory consultant, educator, and industry analyst dedicated to building meaningful connections throughout the path from data to business value. More than forty years of information systems experience combined with over ten years of business management give him a unique perspective about the connections among business, information, data, and technology. Knowledge sharing and skills building are Dave’s passions, carried out through consulting, speaking, teaching, and writing. 


Wayne Eckerson

Founder and Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group

Wayne Eckerson has been a thought leader in the business intelligence and analytics field since the early 1990s. He is the founder and principal consultant of Eckerson Group, a research and consulting firm that helps business and analytics leaders use data and technology to drive better insights and actions.