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Webinar: Keys to Big Data Success


The vast majority of organizations have not yet reached big data nirvana. According to a recent Gartner survey, deploying big data projects to production remains a challenge. The core reason is that Hadoop by itself is not a complete big data solution. While Hadoop makes storage and processing of large data sets much easier and more affordable than legacy data warehouses, it leaves far too many challenges as β€œan exercise for the user.”

Join us for a discussion with big data industry leaders who will cover a range of challenges that you need to overcome to make big data deliver business breakthroughs for your company, including:

  • Enabling timely and trustworthy continuous data ingest from an expanding variety of batch and streaming data sources
  • Automating the discovery and organization of all of your enterprise data so users spend more time using data and less time looking for it
  • Simplifying the exploration, cleansing and wrangling of data
  • Performing visual analytics and business intelligence directly in Hadoop, with fast concurrent access and unified security β€” without the need to move data.

This webinar is your chance to hear directly from five leaders in the big data industry. Moderated by industry guru Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies, the roundtable discussion involves the CEO's of four innovative big data companies. You will learn what's really going on among the thousands of big data practitioners who are these companies' users. Join us for this first in a five-part series covering the keys to big data success, brought to you by Make Big Data Work

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Featured Speakers


Moderator: Michael Ferguson

Managing Director, Intelligent Business Strategies, Ltd.

As an analyst and consultant, Mike Ferguson specialises in business intelligence, big data, data management and enterprise business integration. He has over 34 years of IT experience, and has spoken at events all over the world and written numerous articles.


Girish Pancha

CEO and Co-founder, Streamsets

Girish Pancha has spent his career developing successful, innovative products that facilitate enterprise-wide data integration. He has founded multiple startups and was an early employee and chief product officer at Informatica.


Alex Gorelik

CEO and Founder, Waterline Data

As CEO and founder of three startups, Alex Gorelik created Waterline Data to invent cutting edge data-oriented technology and bring it to market.


Joe Hellerstein

CSO and Co-founder, Trifacta

Joe Hellerstein is Trifacta's Chief Strategy Officer, co-founder, and the Jim Gray Chair of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. His career in research and industry has focused on data-centric systems and the way they drive computing. In 2010, Fortune Magazine included Joe in their list of 50 smartest people in technology, and MIT Technology Review magazine included his Bloom language for cloud computing in their TR10 list of the the 10 technologies "most likely to change our world."


Sushil Thomas

CEO and Co-founder, Arcadia

Sushil Thomas is the CEO and co-founder of Arcadia Data, the first on-cluster visual analytics platform to solve the most complex big data problems.